TRAILERS (Updated 18/8/13)

Large Balloon Trailer
Large Balloon Trailer

Trailer M52485

Registered to March 2011

Strong home built, dual wheel     

Description:  Tandem wheels, rollers on back for easy use, one side closed, the other side open for easy access, holder for extra tank.

Tray Length:  4250 cm (14 feet) + 148 cm draw bar

Width:  170 cm (5' 8") or 234 cm overall

Condition:  Very good

Price:  $2,000

Manufacturer:  Minerva
Manufacturer: Minerva

Trailer C87341 - Registered to April 2011

Muneva Box Trailer   300cm x 160cm

Description:  Duel wheels, checker plated, spare tyre on side

Condition:  Very good

Price:  $900