Equpment is located in the Hunter Valley (2 hours North of Sydney) at the old Balloon Aloft property, now signposted 'Hunter Valley Bed & Breakfast', 1443 Wine Country Drive, North Rothbury, NSW, 2335.


Please note:  All prices are GST exclusive.  You must add 10% if purchasing within Australia.

Basket #1:  SOLD (Kavanagh Single T)

Basket #2:  SOLD (T&C Mini Basket & Burner)

Balloon Works Dragonfly
Balloon Works Dragonfly

Basket #3:  Balloon Works Dragonfly with Single Burner

Serial No: 1087

Dimensions:  Triangular 4.5

Discription:  Plain Wicker with brown suede trim

Condition:  Wicker good, runners and bottom leather need work

Asking price:  $1,250

Basket #4:  Sky Basket

Serial No: AP/BT/3500

Dimensions:  180cm x 130 cm x 120 cm

Discription:  Very good condition.  Grey suede trim, aqua blue accent rope handles. uprights and pole covers included (burner not included in price; for detail, go to Burner #4 in menu).

Asking price:  $2,250


Cameron Double T
Cameron Double T

Basket #5:  Cameron Double T 

Serial No: BH600

Dimensions:  300cm x 165cm x 120cm (Suitable for a 160 to 210 balloon envelope.)

Discription:  Red suede trim, woven wicker padded floor, sides not padde.  Uprights and pole covers included.

Condition:  Good

Asking Price:  $4,250

Basket #6:  SOLD (Kavanagh Single T)

No image
No image

Basket #7:  Donted to Museum

T&C Single T
T&C Single T

Basket #8:  T&C Single T

Dimensions:  220 cm x 120 cm

Description:  Good condition.  Uprights and pole covers included.  (Stratus double burner in burner frame is for sale separately, see Burner #8.

Asking price:  $3,225

Basket #9:  Donated to Museum  (Balloon Works, Ex J&B)

Balloon Works Firefly
Balloon Works Firefly

Basket #10:  Suitable for Display  

Balloon works Firefly

Dimensions:  Triangular 4.5 double (Each side is 4.5 feet with one corner having 2 tanks)

Description:  4 tanks and burner included

Condtion:  Average.  Will look better when cleaned and suede brushed.

Price:  $2,700

T&C Basket
T&C Basket

Basket #11:  T&C Basket   

Serial No.  2611

Dimensions:  160cm x 130cm  (Suitable for a 90 to 120 balloon envelope.)

Description:  Straight sided, top in black suede with padded floor and padded sides.  Pilot restraint built into basket. Currently pictured with double C3 burners in frame to be sold separately, see 'Burners #11'.

Condition:  Very good.

Asking Price: $4000

T&C Single T
T&C Single T

Basket #12:  Suitable for Display

T&C Single T

Dimensions:  280cm x 160cm x 120cm

Description: Brown leather, Uprights and poles included

Condition:  OK

Asking Price:  $2,500

T&C Single T
T&C Single T

Basket #13: Suitable for Display

T&C Single T

Dimensions:  270cm x 150cm x 120cm

Description:  Brown leather, uprights and poles included.

Condition:  OK

Asking Price: $2000

T&C Double T
T&C Double T

Basket #14: Suitable for Display

T&C Double T

Dimensions:  300cm x 160cm x 125cm

Description:Brown suede trim, uprights and pole covers include.

Condition:  OK

Asking Price:$2000

T&C Single T
T&C Single T

Basket #15: SOLD (T&C Single T)

Basket #18: Suitable for Display

Kavanagh Square

Serial No: BA 014

Dimensions:  150cm x 120cm x 120cm

Condition:  Used, but good. Comes with single burner on frame.

Cost:  $1500


Duo Chariot #19 - Sold