Ballooning Equipment

Peter Vizzard remains a 'Cameron Balloons UK' agent in Australia, a position he has held for the past 15 years. (Before that, he was an agent for T&C UK).  Therefore, he can sell you a new balloon if you require.  Indeed, because he has flown balloons of all makes and kinds, he will listen to your needs and wishes, and best advise you as to the purchase.


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All the equipment on this site is for sale and is 'secondhand'.   If sold within Australia, the price quoted is exclusive of GST, i.e. you must add 10% GST.

You will find equipment from many different manufacturers.

  • Cameron Balloons, UK
  • Thunder & Colt U.K. (before being bought by Camerons) & T&C USA
  • Sky, UK  (One basket only)
  • The Balloon Works, USA (when Tracy Barnes owned it)
  • Kavanagh Balloons, Australia
  • Aerophile